More iPhone 5S Pictures Leaked – Delay in Production Expected

More images have been leaked of what is apparently the casing of the iPhone 5S. It looks identical to the iPhone 5 but there is some extra information that goes along with these leaks, namely a few specifications about the new handset. According to the information the iPhone 5S will have a quad-core processor, NFC, 12 megapixel camera, 2GB RAM and a finger print sensor.


While we have some doubts about the NFC and fingerprint sensor the rest sound pretty much what you would expect for an upgrade to the iPhone 5. It’s expected that the iPhone 5 will be available in maybe September or October. However, DigiTimes are now telling us that, due to a lack of production of the fingerprint sensor and the LCD driver IC’s Apple are going to be reducing the numbers of handsets that will be available for sale when it launches.

We know that fingerprint technology will be available on at least one iPhone and it has been strongly rumored to be the iPhone 5S. After all they did purchase Authentec last year for more than $350 million and subsequently sold off all but the sensor division. And, patents have been published by the USPTO, applied for by apple, detailing fingerprint sensors. However, although it is widely expected the sensor will be located under the Home button, these new patents detail a different design; one that will be utilized though the touch screen, allowing for a swipe gesture to unlock the device. However, whether that means it will be available as soon as the fall of this year is another matter.


The LCD driver s could be a serious issue but, on the other hand, we have seen so much recently abbot the saturation of the smartphone market, in particular the high-end market, that it isn’t too surprising. After all, announcing 2 phones, the iPhone 5S and the budget at the same time are inevitably going to cause production issues.

On the other hand, until we get some official information from Apple, or the handsets themselves are launched, we are not going to know what’s true and whats not. This isn’t likely to happen until the fall at the earliest and, by then there will be a few other handsets on  the market.  The new handsets expected by then are the Nokia Lumia 1020, the Sony Experia i1, the Samsung Note III and the LG G2.



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