Apple to LIVE Stream iOS 7 Event to Tokyo – Berlin – Beijing

Next Tuesday, 10th September, Apple will be holding their media event to announce the iPhone 5S and 5C. The event takes place at the Cupertino Headquarters in California at 10 am PST. Ofcourse, with all the different time zones in the world, this means that some countries will not get to see it until later on in the day or early the following morning.

Image : Apple Invite for the iOS 7 event in China

ios 7 event invite china apple

Apple have now made an announcement that they will be holding 3 further satellite announcements, via video link, in Beijing, Tokyo and Berlin.  Although this has been done before, it will be the first time China have been involved, leading to speculation that Apple will be announcing a deal with China Mobile, the country’s largest carrier.

These satellite events are not likely to be live – instead they will be video replays of the main event and will be broadcast to a selection of the press. At the moment, there is no indication that the main event will be streamed live to the general public.

There is some supposition that the satellite event in Beijing may be something more. We know that Apple has been showing interest in China for some time and that is the main reason why the iPhone 5C, the budget model, is being released. China is a huge market, home to more than 1.3 billion people. It’s one of the largest tech markets in the world along with China Mobile – not just China’s largest carrier, but the biggest wireless carrier worldwide, with more than 700 million people subscribing to it.  In revenue terms, China provides Apple with their second largest market, with so much more potential to tap into.

Image : Rumored iPhone 5C casing side by side with current generation iPhone

iphone 5c pink colours

In terms of an announcement regarding a deal between Apple and China Mobile, how much exposure could this bring in for Apple?  It’s believed that a successful partnership could net Apple a boost in sales figures of nearly 40 million iPhones next year alone, with a further 5 million in the last month of this year.

Of course, with no real information to back this up, we are only surmising that Apple and China Mobile have signed a deal. If they have, it will be such a huge step forward for Apple that announcing it as part of their main event won’t do it any justice. This lends support to the separate event being the showcase for the news.

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