List of iOS 7 Beta 3 Bugs and Issues

When Apple releases Beta software version, they are for developers to take a look at and to make sure their apps work with the new firmware. It’s also for them to detect the bugs and issues that surround Beta versions so that Apple can get to work on fixing them before public release.


While Beta 2 of iOS 7 did sort a few issues with features out, there are still quite a lot of bug reports coming from the beta testing. Beta 3 was released yesterday and it’s hoped iOS 7 will be ready for release in September so here are some of the major bugs and issues that need to be sorted out:

Phone App Crashes :

ios 7 dailer phone app

This doesn’t happen always but occasionally the phone app will crash but the phone itself will continue ringing, leaving the user unable to answer it.

Contacts App :

ios 7 contacts app

Discovered in Beta 1, the app is slow and will sometimes shut down and land you back on the home screen.

Siri :

siri ios 7

New voices, language support, all good. Except the answers Siri gives to questions are increasingly incorrect. Could be an issue with Search rather than Siri though.

New Wallpaper :

Default wavy wallpaper ok, change to another preloaded or downloaded one and the UI slows down.

Control Center :

ios 7 control centre

Because the Control Center is opened from the bottom of the screen with a swipe up gesture it often opens when you are in the middle of playing a game and it can’t be turned off either.

Multitasking :


Although the app has been upgraded, when you switch between apps or close them down, the multitasking background goes black, indicating a response issue.

No Satisfactory Auto Fill in Safari :

Only noticed on iPad Mini. Auto fill doesn’t work properly, sometimes not even working in the manner it should be.

Newsstand App :


While Newsstand is supposed to be a holding place for subscriptions, at the moment it seems to be a folder that can house apps, similar to a normal folder, meaning its original purpose has gone.

There are probably a lot more bugs but until they have been confirmed as genuine we cannot comment on them.  If you have found one let us know and we’ll check it out.  If you still want to download iOS 7 here’s how:

If you have upgraded and want to downgrade again, follow this guide.




  1. My 4s on beta 3 has serious Siri issue- will pop up then go back and just make screen blink when retired with double tap. Won’t stay running at all. My texting crosses numbers within each contact. Says error sending message because it used the other number!

  2. My apps crash less in beta 3, than in beta 2. I have an iPhone 5, and sometimes my iPhone freeze, and I can’t touch in anything(only power-button use to work, but I can use the home-bottom to take screenshots). When I play asphalt 7, the notification bar suddenly popped up, only once.

  3. Hi! Em sometimes phone will shut down and then I have to connect it to the pc and wait until it starts up again. Phone and contacts app are still a little buggy…ALso the camera app sometimes freezes and then you have to relunch.

  4. Phone just randomly shuts off with no warning or reason. Camera app crashes. Phone app bugs -- I’ve called people and had it go to voicemail but when I decide not to leave a voice message and hit end call, I stay connected and leave a long voice message of ambience.

    The phone crashing is the worst part. It will crap out in the middle of a call or when in my pocket waiting for an important call.

  5. restoring via itunes takes forever in beta 3 on my iPhone 5. literally it takes 5 minutes to install YouTube app. I have a new slim iMac so my computer isn’t slow.

  6. Here are my bugs

    IOS7 beta 3 IP5

    -- Editing playlists closes app
    -- “X” button to dismiss notifications is missing
    -- Map rendering in ios maps navigation seems to stop appearing
    -- Traffic conditions has never displayed information in todays view despit enabling it

  7. Since upgrading from beta 2 to beta 3, I can’t access data via cellular networks. i can connect to 3G and LTE but it won’t pull any data. I can only get data from wifi. This is a huge issue for me. I got the phone used with beta 2 on it, so I can’t even put it down to 6.1.3 and then back up to beta 2. :(

    Any tips, for the love of god, let me know. mvl1014 on twitter and yahoo’s mail.

  8. my iPhone will shut and will not turn on. I just have to wait it out. or can be a few hours before it turns itself on. last time it was 24hrs!! it just died again and im so mad! who knows how long it will be dead for.

  9. Birthdays in contacts are displayed with wrong date (-1 day) however, the calendar app shows the birthday on the correct date.

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