Latest iPhone 5C Mockup Reveal iPod Touch like Packaging

In just under 4 weeks, on September 10th, Apple will apparently be holding a media event at which they will reveal their lineup of products for the coming season.  One of these is looking likely to be the iPhone 5C, the rumored budget iPhone. Apple is introducing the cheaper model to try to boost their market share in the West and establish a new base in China and India.


Concept designer Martin Hajek has come up with a few mockups of what the iPhone 5C packaging might look like. He’s also thrown in a few designs of what the actual device announcement will be like, depicting Tim Cook with a backdrop of multi-colored iPhones.

His design shows a packaging made of plastic, reminiscent of that of the iPod Touch. Virtually the whole package is covered with a vibrant color that reflects the color of each model, leaving consumers in no doubt as to what color they’ve bought.

The iPhone 5S will most likely be presented in the usual cardboard packaging so it’s highly likely that Apple will want some kind of distinction between that and the cheaper iPhone. What they don’t want is to package both models the same and consequently lose possible sales of the premium handset. At the end of the day, the iPhone 5S is the one they want to sell you, not the cheap one. So, it would make sense for them to go with something along the lines of Hajek’s design.

Image : iPhone 5C Packaging mock up – Artists idea only







With the design images of the announcement, not only is Tim Cook seen presenting the iPhone 5C he is also seen showing off the iPhone 5S in its new uniform of Champagne, to go with the black and white. And, just to finish off, we have the iPad 5, although that most likely won be released for a while yet.




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