iWatch Specs Leaked – Unbelievable Battery Life and A5 CPU

As we cruise through the start of 2015, the one product that will be at the forefront of everyone’s minds will be the Apple Watch. Expected to release sometime in March, this is first new product from Apple for some time and is set to break up what is becoming a stale part of the year for releases. The main question on everyone’s lips is, what will the battery life be like ?

Image : iWatch 2015 Specs Leaked

iwatch battery life

A report out via 9to5Mac, quoting an inside source, the Apple Watch battery will provide no more than 2 ½ to 4 hours of actual use but, factor in passive use and inevitable standby time and you could be looking at a respectable 19 hours before the battery needs to be charged again. If the watch is not used, the source says that it will offer 3 days standby or 4 days if it goes into sleep mode.

However, those figures come from 2014 goals and the expected life of the battery is more likely to be 2 to 3 days on a mix of low power use and standby. To be fair though, when you take into account the multi-touch display, 19 hours of mixed use is pretty good going for a device that has only a small battery especially when you think that most users will be quite content to charge their Watch battery up overnight.

Image : iWatch will have A5 CPU Chip

apple iwatch a5 chip

The same source says that the Apple Watch processor, inside the A1 chip with Apple’s System in Package design, will be equal to the A5 CPU, which is found in the iPod touch 5, the latest iPod from the Cupertino Company. So, while the battery may not be up to everyone’s standards, that are more than made up for in what the Watch will be able to do on a processor that is incredibly powerful for such a small device.

UPDATE 1 – 30/01/2015

It’s official. During their recent earnings call, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, finally announced that the Apple Watch would begin shipping in April 2015. He didn’t give any details on pricing, nor did he give us a firm date, only saying that the development of the watch is on track. That means iOS 8.2 will also be released in April, probably a couple of days before the official launch of Apple Watch.

UPDATE 2 – 03/02/2015

If we needed any more proof that the Apple Watch launch is imminent, we have it. Apple is in the process of installing custom-designed safes in their official retail stores, complete with MagSafe charging, for the Gold-plated Apple Watch. You can read more about that here and, as we hear details of the upcoming launch, we’ll pass them on to you.

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