iWatch Companion App for iPhone 6 Leaked

We already knew from the previous beta that iOS 8.2 brings support for that Apple Watch and that communication between the iPhone and Watch would be via a companion app. With iOS 8.2 beta 5, just released to developers, we have more details about that app. The new beta shows off the app icon for what is tagged as “Companion App” at the moment, along with a number of the settings that users will be able to access.

Image : iWatch App for iPhone 6 Leaked

iwatch app download iphone 6

iWatch App Features :

The app allows users to manage the following :

  • Home Screen – users can manage apps on Apple Watch via iPhone
  • Clock – A new feature called Monogram for users to add a virtual stamp to the clock face
  • Clock – enable a red dot on the clock to show up when a notification is received
  • Clock – track a stock via the clock face
  • Messages – Respond to messages via transcribed dictation or audio message
  • Messages – enable/disable read receipts
  • Messages – set up default text replies
  • Messages – Choose who to receive text alerts from or disable it completely
  • Maps – Enable/Disable Taptic Engine for turn-by-turn directions


  • Accessibility – Use the crown to access Accessibility settings
  • Accessibility – Use VoiceOver to speak on-screen text
  • Accessibility – Ability to zoom the screen
  • Accessibility – Reduce motion, transparency, enable grayscale, bold text, disable animations, control stereo audio balance
  • Passcode – Set up a passcode for the Watch for security and to use Apple Pay
  • Passcode – Unlock Watch using iPhone when wearing the watch
  • Passcode – Watch can be set to wipe data after 20 incorrect access attempts
  • Activity – Activate fitness features and separately enable/disable heart rate tracking to calculate burned calories, step counts and fitness level

There is also an About Screen that shows you the amount of storage capacity, how many songs, apps and photos are on the device along with the serial number, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth details.

Tim Cook has confirmed that Apple Watch will begin shipping in April but we don’t know the date as of yet. We’ll pass any more news on to you as we hear it. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter; updates will be sent direct to your inbox.



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