Its Official – iWatch Shipping Worldwide in April 2015

We now have official confirmation that the Apple Watch will begin shipping in April. During his announcement about the quarterly earnings call, Time Cook, CEO of Apple, gave a little more information about the release schedule of the next big thing to come from the Cupertino Company. Although he confirmed the month, he didn’t give a specific launch date, just saying that the development of the product was on track. We also don’t know any specific details about pricing except that the basic model will start at $349.

Image : iWatch Shipping Dates 2015 Announced

iwatch shipping date april 2015

So, what else do we know about the Apple iWatch ? We know that it will come in three models and each one will come in three styles:

  • Apple Watch – Stainless steel, standard or black
  • Apple Sport – Anodized Aluminum, Silver or Space Grey
  • Apple Edition – 18-karat gold-plated, Yellow or Rose gold

Each model will be in two sizes – 1.5” and 1.65” and there will be a choice of 18 different wristbands to choose from as well as no less than 11 watch faces. All models will be fitted with a flexible retina screen, a touch screen coated in sapphire crystal or, in some models, ion-x for durability.

Image : iWatch 1st Gen Models


It will be filled with all sorts of sensors for health and fitness tracking, security and support for Apple Pay and, as well as all that, it functions as a timepiece, something that many wearable devices do not do. The watch itself is one of the most accurate in the world to within 50 milliseconds.

The one question that many people are asking is what the battery life is like. Recent reports tell us that Apple is currently stress testing the battery and is aiming for a mixed use of 19 hours and 2-3 days on standby, although moderate to heavy users will need to charge their battery once a day, maybe more.

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