Is this the Upcoming iPhone 7 – Rendering Released

Once all the excitement and fuss has died down over a new product, we tend to our attentions very quickly to what’s next. Such is the case with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. While they proved to be the most popular devices ever released by Apple, attention is already turning to next year’s offering, the iPhone 7.

Image : Upcoming iPhone 7 – Rendering Released

iphone 7 plus 1

Because the iPhone 6/6 Plus are such major changes in terms of design, it’s likely that the iPhone 7 will not look much different, with the Cupertino Company expending their energy on upgrading the hardware and features instead, in the form of an iPhone 6S. However, Nikola Cirkovic, a Serbian engineer has come up with his own concept of the iPhone 7.

As well as keeping the design pretty much the same as the current handsets, Cirkovic seems to have solved a dilemma – some people are torn between the 4.7” and the 5.5” handsets so he has come up with a middle ground – 5.2”. There are a number of minor design changes but it is the colors that stand out the most. At the moment, we have a choice between White/Silver Space Grey and Gold but Cirkovic has gone back in time, to the days when the iPhone was black and white.

Image : More pictures of the iPhone 7 Plus

iphone 7
iphone 7 plus 4 iphone 7 plus 2 iphone 7 plus 3

Apple has a long-standing remit to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible and perhaps the black and white design accomplishes that. The new color schemes are very nice but we can only hope that the Cupertino Company doesn’t lose sight of what used to work and what will still work in the future.

What are your thoughts on this concept ? Nicer than the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus ? Do you think a 5.2” screen will work ?

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