Is iPhone 5 the “Most Hated” SmartPhone

Would you believe that the iPhone 5 has been voted the Most Hated Smartphone? Apparently, research firm, We Are Social, carried out a bit of analysis work, based on social media data.  The iPhone 5 came in as the most hated while the Galaxy S4 gained the title of Most Loved.

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Sales figures tell us the iPhone 5 is the top-selling smartphone.  And let’s not forget the number of time Apple has taken home customer satisfaction awards for that “most hated” smartphone.  According to the research company, the data was compiled by looking at the number of conversations that took place on launch day for a number of different handsets.

The results are:

iPhone 5BlackBerry Z10Galaxy S4Nokia Lumia 920
No of conversations1.7 million300,000140,00045,000
Brand Appeal42%41%20%41%

It’s no real surprise that the iPhone 5 was most talked about on launch day.  As for criticism, much of this could have been about the replacement of the 30-pin with lightening connector. That doesn’t mean hose people hate the iPhone 5.

The story first appeared in the Daily Mail.  However, there is no corresponding study on the website for the research group so no way of attributing the results to anyone in particular. Note that the words “loved” and “hated” don’t appear either. Did that tag come from the Daily Mail?

It’s looking quite likely. There is a world of difference in the meanings of “hate” and “negative” and just because a negative comment is made, it doesn’t automatically translate to hating it. If the Galaxy was the most loved wouldn’t its sales figures have told us that?  During launch weekend, Apple sold 5 million iPhone’s. It took Samsung a month to sell 10 million S4’s.

What do you think of the results ? Fair or not ?




    1. I agree with you.iPhone 5 got a good design while S4 ugly design.iPhones security is too much better than android.Android devices got 96% viruses last year while iPhones no chance

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