iPhone Mini to have 4 inch Screen – 5 Colors & Priced $350

According to Brian White, Apple analyst, the new budget iPhone, now apparently called the iPhone Mini, could be launched at any moment.  He says that the new handset is “imminent” and that all Apple has to do is decide when to release it.

iphone mini colours

While he was in Asia recently he picked up what he believes to be a reasonable amount of genuine information about the iPhone Mini. He says it will have a 4” display screen; the body is made of plastic and a little bit thicker than the current iPhone. It will be available in no less than 5 different colors and the edges will be rounded rather than squared off.  He also says it will have a price tag of around $350-400, around 50% less than the cost of an iPhone 5.

The budget, or Mini iPhone has been the subject of many rumors over the last few months.  White predicted, in April, that the handset would be released in July of this year.  However, CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has made it clear that there won’t be any brand new product announcements before the Fall. Evidently, the newly revamped Mac Pro, recently announced, doesn’t fall under the class of a major new product.

The new iPhone would, according to Morgan Stanley, do Apple’s market share the power of good if it were to be aimed at the emerging markets. They say that Apple could multiply their current share by at least 3 times. China is the single biggest smartphone market across the entire globe and, right now, Android has more than a 50% share of it.  Apple has yet to strike any deals with China Mobile, the biggest carrier that has a jaw-dropping 735 million customers. If Apple can sign a deal with them it could have a positive effect on their stock, possibly pushing it up to its 2012 high again.

However, a budget iPhone wouldn’t go amiss in many other parts of the world where Apple’s prices have gone too high for some to be able to afford them, with the ultimate effect that Apple is losing market share in certain areas.

What do you think?  Will you buy an iPhone Mini or are you content to wait for the next generation full price model?



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