iPhone Mini Plastic Shells Leaked

The rumors surrounding the new iPhone Mini , or budget iPhone, continue along with yet another set of leaked images of the plastic shell. These images depict several different ones in a variety of colors, similar to the iPod Touch.  The longest-running rumor is that the iPhone Mini will be released this year sometime and these pictures, along with others of different parts of the phone, seem to tie in with that.


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The cases are depicted in 5 different color variants – pink, yellow, white, blue and green. All of these images, added to previous ones, do kind of tell us that the handset is currently in production, meaning release is fairly imminent. However, there is always the slim chance that these could be images of a Chinese copy but, as each day passes and another image surfaces, that is beginning to seem highly unlikely. It’s even got to the stage that some vendors – third party ones – are already starting to stock replacement, colored shells for the iPhone Mini.

If you are having a little difficulty in imagining the iPhone in those colors, take a look at Martin Hajek’s rendering of the different colors.

Even if the iPhone Mini is meant to be a budget phone, the cases still look decent, if a little cheap. And, matched against the new vibrancy of iOS 7 , well, Apple might just be on to a winner there.  One color that is missing from the lineup though is black, although one school of thought is that black could be Apple’s “Pro” color – after all, the new Mac Pro is black.

The iPhone Mini is due to launch in September beside the iPhone 5S (or is that 6?) with a price tag of between $300 and $400. It will be made of polycarbonate and metal and will ship with iOS 7.



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  1. The iPhone mini so called won’t be called the iPhone 6 as stated!, this is not apples policy to make a budget model and make it supper seed the quality of the iPhone 5 with a plastic budget version?? It would be like going from iPhone 5 to iPhone 2G.

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