iPhone 7 to use 7000 Series Aluminum used in iWatch Sport

The next generation of iPhone is due to be released in September and the consensus seems to be that it will be called the iPhone 7, rather than the 6S or 6 Plus s. This is because it is expected to contain a number of hardware changes and features such as Force Touch Technology, which make it more than an “S” style upgrade. Force Touch technology will debut on the Apple Watch and is expected to become a fixed feature on the iPhone.

Image : iPhone 7 to use 7000 Series High Grade Aluminium

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As well as that, there are rumors that the next iPhone could be taking on another feature from the Apple Watch. The Sports Edition Watch is crafted from 7000 Series aluminum and it is rumored that the iPhone 7 will be built using the same alloy. The 7000 aluminum is said to be 60% stronger than normal aluminum and is one-third of the density of stainless steel, making it lightweight and durable. Apple has gone into detail about the alloy on their website, saying that each Sports Edition Watch casing is machined, polished and then blasted with zirconia beads to give it a satin texture. They then use an additional layer of anodized aluminum to protect from scratches and to stop the Watch from corroding. The anodizing process also makes it possible to produce the different colors that the iPhone 7 would be available in.

Image : iWatch Tear Down from iFixit

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Whether this rumor is true or not remains to be seen. The source is The Economic Daily News and they have a somewhat mixed record at predicting Apple’s movements. The report doesn’t offer too much in the way of details and should be taken the same way as all rumors – with a large grain of salt. That said, it isn’t unusual for Apple to introduce a feature on one product before taking it to others. Details about the upcoming iPhone will not start to emerge until later on in the summer. First up is WWDC 2015, which runs from June 8th to 12th and is where iOS 9 will be revealed for the first time. The Cupertino Company are said to be focusing their efforts on stability and performance with the next iOS firmware rather than features in a bid to settle things down and make everything work as smoothly as it should.

What do you think of the latest iPhone rumor to do the rounds ?

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