Samsung to Supply iPhone 7 – LPDDR4 RAM Chips

Previous rumors told us that the iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 is set to benefit from an increase in RAM to 2 GB. But, it won’t just be a case of doubling the RAM; Apple are set to introduce LPDDR4 RAM with the next iPhones which provides double the amount of bandwidth to the current DDR3 RAM used as well as using less power. Added together, we are looking at more memory coupled with somewhat faster speeds, and all using less in the way of battery power.

Image : iPhone 7 with Faster LPDDR4 RAM

LPDDR4 RAM iphone 7

According to a recent report, Samsung has now signed a deal with Apple to supply more than half of the DDR4 chips needed for the next generation of iPhone and, if the other suppliers in the loop are unable to fulfill their orders, Samsung may well end up with an even bigger bite of the cherry. As well as that, Samsung’s semiconductor division is also tasked with supplying most of the A9 chips that will power the iPhone 6S/7 as well. The rest of that order goes to TSMC, the other business used regularly by Apple.

Despite all their confrontations in – and out – of the courtroom, Samsung has been supplying Apple with most of their chips, the only exception being last year’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus when TSMC won the bulk of the order for the A8 and A8X chips. Samsung has already started production of the LPDDR4 RAM using their 20nm fabrication process, apparently beginning in December 2014, and are producing them in 3 different variants – 2 GB, 3 GB and 4 GB. That could lead to speculation that each model of the upcoming iPhone could come in 3 different variants, each one with a different RAM size.

Image : LPDDR4 Ram Speeds

LPDDR4-speed (1)

lpddr4 iphone 7

On the other hand, Samsung is also tasked with supplying LG with 100% of their order for LPDDR4 RAM for the upcoming G4 smartphone so it could be that Apple will take one step at a time and stick with 2 GB across the board.

What memory size would you like to see ?

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