iPhone 7 Concept Features Wireless Charging and 5 GB RAM

Despite being more than 4 months old now, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are still garnering a great deal of attention. However, that doesn’t stop designers turning their attention to the next iPhone offering from Apple and Yasser Farahi has come up with a rather nice concept for the iPhone 7. His designs show off an even thinner bezel, always a good feature, and a much slimmer profile.

Image : iPhone 7 Designs

iphone 7

He has included a number of features in his design, things that we can perhaps only dream of at the moment. That said, Apple seems to be striding forward at an impressive rate now and, as such, some of these features may not be so far out of touch after all. Wireless charging makes an appearance, something that many users have been clamoring after for some time, although it isn’t a route that Apple has ever shown any desire to go down, yet.

He also features an impressive 5 GB of RAM and an A10 chip, although the A9 is apparently heading into production now, and he lists iOS 9 as the software the iPhone 7 will run on. Farahi has added two new colors to the current lineup of White/Silver, Gold and Space Grey – Wine and Copper, suggesting that he thinks there is definite room for improvement and a bit more variety.

Image : iPhone 7 Update

iphone 7 2015 17-640x360

iphone 7 2015 14-640x360

iphone 7 2015 10-640x360

iphone 7 2015 07-640x360

To finish off a rather nice concept design, Farahi includes an upgraded camera, 12 megapixel rather than the 8, which has been a standard for some time on the iPhone. The volume buttons have been moved to the right-hand side of the handset and a new sound feature that would activate only when needed.

What do you think of this smart new concept design ?

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  1. 5 GB Ram?? Hahahhaha, it is simply not possible to Apple make it!
    Maybe in 5 year ahead… This year only same Chinese company (like Xiaomi or other) can do it!

  2. I believe the volume buttons should be changed to the right hand side, it’s kind of dumb that if on the iPad the buttons are on the right, the iPhone has them on the left. I continually press the lock button instead of raising the volume due to that discrepancy.

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