iPhone 7 Concept 2015 – No Home Button

On June 8, Apple open WWDC 2015 at the Moscone West Center with an announcement about iOS 9. 3 months after that, we will get our first glimpse of the next generation iPhone, generally thought to be called the iPhone 7.  We won’t know that until September and we won’t know whether there have been any design changes or just a hardware upgrade but that doesn’t stop the concept designers from coming up with their own ideas on what they want to see.  One such design has come from ConceptiPhones and it features a couple of things that Apple could do worse than to at least think about incorporating with the next iPhone.

Image : iPhone 7 Concept

iphone 7 concept5

The design is similar to that of the iPhone 6/6 Plus, with the curved edges but there are some significant changes. The designers have taken one of their ideas from the upcoming Apple Watch and have incorporated the digital crown. As well as fitting right in with the design, the crown has the Touch ID sensor in it and is also the new Home Button. There are also brand new sensors featured for picking up gestures, a feature that Apple seems to have avoided for now. According to the designers, the crown and the sensors will add more control for the user on the new iPhone.

Image : More iPhone 7 Images

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 10.47.00 pm iphone 7 concept6 iphone 7 concept7 iphone 7 concept2 iphone 7 concept3 iphone 7 concept4 iphone 7 concept1

Something else they have done with the concept is minimized the width of the iPhone; still at 5.5”, the concept shows it at just 6.9mm thick and have given it a 2K display. And, with the Home button removed, the screen to body ratio is better as well. This isn’t the first iPhone 7 concept and it won’t be the last but, while many are way beyond the realm of possibility, this one may not be, considering it is built in technology that is already there. The digital crown may be somewhat of a stretch though and they have also missed out one important factor – the new iPhone will have Force Touch technology built in.

Video : iPhone 7 Concept

What do you think of this latest concept ?

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