Why I Dont Want a Thicker iPhone 7 for a Larger Battery

Apple seems to be on a drive to slim down. Every new iPhone that comes out seems to be somewhat slimmer than the last one and, for some, it’s frustrating, purely because it seems that the battery simply doesn’t last as long as it used to. While it’s nice to have a thinner lighter iPhone in your pocket, what most people want is a more reliable battery, one that lasts longer than a few hours. That said, with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, they have increased the size of the battery, thus improving its life but, for some, that isn’t enough.

Image : Slim iPhone 7

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An article in the Wall Street Journal by Christopher Mims looks to be calling Apple out on their slim obsession and to concentrate on giving users a battery that lasts. To put this in perspective, let’s have a look at the latest iPhones and compare them to the iPhone 4.

iPhone’s Advancements Since 2007 :

  • In the 6 years since the iPhone 4, the iPhone has slimmed down by 2.4 mm.
  • The screen significantly bigger, yet the iPhone 6 weighs 8 gm less than the iPhone 4
  • Taking the current battery size into account, against the size of the iPhone, a little working out reveals that, if the iPhone 6 were the same thickness as the iPhone 4, you could have a battery with double the amount of its current life

Ask yourself one question – do you want an iPhone 6 that weighs more than it does now and is a lot thicker ? Most iPhone 6 users would say no that they have gotten used to the light curvy feel of their current iPhone. Even the iPhone 6 Plus feels a little clunky compared to the 6, which is not surprising considering the 6 Plus weighs 43 g more than the iPhone 6 and that’s without the extra size.

iPhone 6 Battery Power :


The iPhone 6 Plus does have a much better battery – 2915 mAh compared to 1810 in the iPhone 6 – but the extra weight has made the phone somewhat more unwieldy to use, as it would if it were the same thickness as the iPhone 4.  So, what we really need is a significant advance in the technology used in the iPhone battery so that Apple can continue making thinner phones that last longer before needing a charge up.

What are your thoughts on this ?

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  1. I thnk they should have stay with the iphone 5/5s thickness. But since they made it more thinner, they should stay with the iphone 6 or the 6 plus thinness and YES! focus on the battery life!

    Fit a bigger screen and battery on the same dimentions of both divices…

  2. I loved the design of my iPhone 4 but since i just got my iPhone 6+ i am loving the design but would like it the same thickness as iphone 4 and as for battery life its simply amazing.I get 8am till i go to bed at 23:00 and still have 38%.now Its near a complete smartphone but needs to concentrate on improving its Software and make ios 9 a much bug free as possible.

    1. I am running IOS 6 on iPhone 4S and tniyrg to remote into a Win 8 machine that is then remoted in through TS to a Win 2008 R2 Server. Trouble is that every 15-30 sec the Win 8 machine is booting me off? please help?

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