iPhone 6S to get Major Memory Boost & Radically New iOS 9

What would you like to see on the next iPhone from Apple ? Anything you like but I bet most of you won’t come up with more RAM. A new report out today indicates that the next generation of iPhone will have 2 GB LPDDR4 RAM. Now, while this may sound a bit yawn making to some of you, in actual fact, you should be jumping for joy.

Image : iPhone 6S to get Faster Memory and iOS 9

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DDR4 RAM provides twice the amount of bandwidth that DDR3 and its this lower one that is used in most of the premium smartphones of today. Faster RAM means faster app launches and a lot more powerful performance and, by doubling up on this new RAM, Apple could actually be making the next iPhone 4 times faster than the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

Now, history tells us that Apple doesn’t upgrade their hardware to this extent for nothing so what could be coming in iOS 9 that would require a supercharged iPhone? Every new iOS version has brought something to the table, whether it is a mess like the Maps App or something more hefty like the Health app or iMessage. And, if you hadn’t already noticed, Apple alternates – one year it’s about how iOS works, the next it’s the features so it goes that the net one will be all about how it all works.

Image : LPDDR4 Ram


No matter what radical changes may be in store for us with iOS 9, it will come at a price and that will be in the cost of the handset. LPDDR4 RAM is 35% more expensive than DDR3 and Apple are rumored to be using double the amount. Even bulk pricing can’t cut that cost down and, unless the Cupertino Company is prepared to cut their profit margins we can expect to see price rises for new models.

So, is this exciting news for you or do you think that the cost of a faster iPhone may just put it out of the reach of all but the wealthiest customers ?

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