iPhone 5S Home Button Details Leaked – Redesigned Button

The start of another day brings another leaked image, supposedly another one of the iPhone 5C shell.  The image shows what looks to be a genuine iPhone back plate. The leak comes from NoWhereElse.fr, who claims that the image has come from a “trusted source” and that it is of the upcoming iPhone 5S.

iPhone-5S-back-shell-iphone 5c

The back plate reveals some modifications to it including a redesign to the assembly for the Home button.  Of course, if these images are genuine then this could just be a tweak to improve the overall reliability of the button. On the other hand, it could be an indication that there will be a fingerprint sensor on the new handset.

These images show the “new” back plate compared to the current iPhone 5 back plate and you can clearly see the changes. A recent report suggested that the iPhone 5S may have a convex Home button as opposed to the standard concave one, in order to house the fingerprint sensor underneath.  Other changes show a difference in the bezel-mounting frame

Image : Leaked iPhone 5S frame with redesigned home button compared side by side with iPhone 5

iPhone-5S-back-shell-ios 7

Looking closely at the placement of the screws on the back plate, they seem to be consistent with other images and rumors of a change to the internal design, including the camera and printed circuit board. The camera is rumored to have a Dual LED flash and we have seen images that appear to back this up.


Although there isn’t anything to indicate that these images are genuine, NoWhereElse.fr does have a pretty good track record when it comes to these leaked images.  It’s also worth pointing out that a small piece of code has been discovered in iOS 7 that points to support for a fingerprint sensor. Ming Chi-Kuo, KGI analyst, predicts a convex button and a fingerprint sensor but only for unlocking purposes at this stage.

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