iPhone 5 – iOS 7 Activation Error Screen Fix

Not so long back it was possible for non-developers to download the iOS 7 betas and activate their iDevices to work on the new firmware. This was due to a glitch between iTunes and Apple’s activation servers. Apple has now fixed this error meaning that non-developers now cannot activate iOS 7 betas without having their UDID registered. The purpose of this article is to give you an all-in-one guide to downloading and installing iOS 7 beta and how to activate it legally.

Image : iOS 7 Activation Error Problem

iOS 7 activation error iPhone 5

Before You Start:

These must be downloaded in order, provided the beta has not expired.

How to Install iOS 7 Beta

  1. Connect your supported device to your PC with the USB cable
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Go to Device Summary Tab
  4. Hold the SHIFT key (ALT for Mac users)  and click on Check for UPDATE in iTunes simultaneouslyitunes ios 7 download updates
  5. Point to the IPSW you downloaded earlier
  6. iTunes will now upgrade your device to the iOS 7 beta

How to Activate your UDID:

You have 2 options at this point – you can either pay $99 a year to join the official Apple Developer program or you can find a developer who is prepared to sell you one of his activation slots, usually for no more than $15. First find your UDID – click here to find out how. Then choose one of the following:

Premium UDID Activation Method:

iphone 5 udid number findx

You can purchase your activation through us by sending an email to support@udidregistration.org with your UDID number in it. You will then be sent an email with details on how to make payment via PayPal. The activation will cost $10 and includes full support on installing iOS 7 beta and activating it. There is also a full money back guarantee if you are not happy. We have a limited number of activation slots available and will not oversell so email us now to be sure of getting yours.


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  1. IOS 7 is the Next evolution of the apple IOS operation and it reflect all the major hacks that the hacking community that been providing to this platform.

    This tells you that Apple has been listening and paying attention to the hacking community. IOS 7 is a rebirth of what we as a community have been doing and asking for in features and I’m looking forward to being using IOS 7

  2. I want iOS7 because I’ve heard it’s so smooth, fast and reliable, packed with tonnes and tonnes of new features. Totally want that operating system!

  3. Im a die hard Apple user and im really loking forward to this new ios from the videos it seems like its the next best thing eventually every apple user will have to get use to this new ios

  4. Because i hate 6.1.3/6.1.4 and i can’t install 6.1.2 now i stuck to beta 5 and if i upgrade to beta 6 or 7 my iphone will get activation eror.

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