iPhone 4 iOS 7 Beta 6 Download – IPSW File

iOS 7 Beta 6 was released to developers on August 6th, about a week ahead of the expected schedule.  If you are looking to download and activate iOS 7 beta 6 on your device, follow these steps: Method 1: OTA– Registered Developers Only OTA updates are typically a lot smaller than IPSW as they only update rather than install the entire firmware. You must be on iOS 7 Beta 4 to upgrade with this method:

  1. Open Settings on your device
  2. Select General
  3. Select Software Update 
  4. Wait for your device to check for the updated firmware ios 7 beta 7 iphone 4 download
  5. Tap on Download and Install
  6. Your device will restart when the download is complete

Method 2 – IPSW

  1. Download iOS 7 Beta 6 IPSW
  2. Connect up your device to your PC and launch iTunes
  3. Click on Device Summary and pick the device you are updating
  4. Hold SHIFT or ALT on the Mac and click on Update  simultaneously mac keyboard shift option key update itunes
  5. Point iTunes to the IPSW you downloaded
  6. iTunes will update your device to the new firmware

Method 3 – Unofficial IPSW

  1. Download the IPSW from the list of unofficial links
  2. Follow the steps for the official IPSW method above. You have to directly select the iOS 7 ipsw file and install it using iTunes . Later follow the steps below to activate it . if you are not registered member in the dev centre , the beta is going to give you an activation error as shown in the image below . Fixing this error is simple as well as gives you a permanent solution to get your device enabled for all future beta release [including iOS 8] . Try the solution below to get the activation error fixed and start using iOS 7 beta on your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S .

Fix Activation Error on iPhone 4/4S iOS 7 : activation error ios 7 beta 4 We will provide you a full years UDID Activation that will cover iOS 7 and iOS 8 betas [ in year 2014] for just $10. Payment to be made via PayPal .  Please email your UDID to support@udidregistration.org . Once payment is received we will activate your UDID and send you email confirmation that it has been done. It may take a few hours for device identifier provisioning .

Image : UDID registration process on in Dev centre register udid iphone 5 ios 7 PLEASE NOTE: We will only activate the UDID for the first 50 users. There will be no overselling. This method is for manual UDID activation only and is your best solution to overcoming the problem of activating iOS 7 betas.




  1. I have a factory unlocked iPhone5, will this beta OS create any problem in the future when we’ll have the official version to install?
    Thanks :)

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