iOS 9 Concept Video – Release Mid 2015

With iOS 8, Apple finally allowed third party keyboards and widgets to be used but, while this is a good start, iOS users want more. One fan, Ralph Theodory, has released a concept video showing what he thinks iOS 9 should be like. The design remains similar to iOS 8 but the interface and the features are something quite different :

Image : iOS 9 Concept

ios 92

  1. Settings – search for a setting within settings and see history of every change you made with the option to undo them. And, the app switcher would show all settings, not just selected ones
  2. Color – Theodory believes that we need new color options for the buttons, UI elements and the control center
  3. Night Mode – to save battery life and make it easier on the eyes, the white menu background would switch to black with three quick presses of the Home button
  4. Running Apps – one single button to shut down all running apps at once
  5. Siri – will prompt users to spell words it doesn’t understand
  6. Springboard Display – choice of three springboards – normal, zoomed and a round one similar to Apple Watch
  7. Music – Music app to recognize track language and categorize in set playlists. An up swipe would also reveal a number of Music settings for easy access
  8. Smart Sleep Mode – Siri checks with you after 5 songs if there has been no user activity to see if you have gone to sleep. If you don’t respond within 10 seconds, Siri will turn the music off.

Image : More iOS 9 Interface Pictures

ios 93

ios 91


Video : See more in the video of iOS 9 in action below

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