5 Things Apple Should Change With iOS 9

iOS 8 started life as a bit of a shambles and problems on the older devices have seen to it that adoption levels are the slowest and lowest in Apple’s history. While it is a good firmware, it does need improvement and here’s how we think they should do it :

Image : iOS 9

ios 9 download2_iphone 7

  1. Better Consideration Given to iOS Releases

iOS 8 is on its 5th update since September and, while Apple may say this is designed to fix the problems, it could actually be creating more. Apple needs to reduce the amount of releases and increase the bug fixes.

  1. New Home Screen

iOS 7 got the facelift and iOS 8 brought new features but Apple seems to have forgotten about the Home screen. Users should be given the option of having a Live Tiles or Widgets style screen and be able to order their icons how they want them.

  1. An App Drawer

Having an icon for every app is not smart these days, and all the bloatware icons that cannot be removed is annoying. Rather than forcing users to create folders, Apple should provide an app drawer where all apps are stored. Users can put them on the home screen as they see fit.

  1. Reachable Buttons

The Back and Next buttons are located at the top of the screen in the corners and, with the news larger screen devices especially, they are hard to reach. Although we have Reachability on the iPhone 6/6 Plus, the buttons could really do with being moved to a more reachable place, perhaps either side of the home button.

Images : More iOS 9 Concept Images

ios 9 download6_iphone 7

ios 9 download4_iphone 7

ios 9 iphoen 6 download3_iphone 7

ios 9 download5_iphone 7

ios 9 download3_iphone 7

  1. Apps Specific To Phablets

When apps are opened in portrait mode on the iPhone 6 Plus they appear as they do on the iPhone but when the phone is switched to landscape mode, they adapt to become like iPad icons. Developers should be able to come up with apps that work the same way, not be limited to either iPhone or iPad style.

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  1. Apple lost the game, all of these are already on android. No matter what apple do will be behind. I don’t know but has to do something very huge to be back on the game.
    At the moment Apple sells phones to stupid people without any idea how to use their phones. They just buy an iPhone to do things that the cheapest phone can do.

  2. None of these is features are required!!!! these are all crapy android-like features, and we certainly don’t want that!!! Poor post!

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