iOS 9 to Get Complete Facelift and Added Features

iOS 9 is currently in the early testing stages at the moment having been spotted accessing a number of websites and also showing up in benchmark tests against iOS 8. The next generation of firmware from Apple is expected to be revealed, as usual, at WWDC, thought to be starting on June 8 this year.

Image : iOS 9 to Get Complete Facelift

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The results from the benchmark tests show that iOS 9 is currently on a par with iOS 8, with the exception of higher web scores, 17% higher. However, there are still a few months to go before the developer’s version is ready and a lot can change in that time. A lot of attention, especially from Apple fans, is on what we can expect to see from iOS 9.

Some say that the new firmware will get a full makeover, giving it a completely new look compared to iOS 7 and 8. To be fair, iOS 7 saw the most radical changes in aesthetics with iOS 8 concentrating on features so iOS 9 could be in for a new look. Rumors say that attention will be given to creating a new and improved lock screen with the control center getting an overhaul along with the home screen. iOS 9 is thought to have round icons rather than the squared off ones that have been in place for years.

Image : Some concept iOS 9 Interface Features

ios 9 download6_iphone 7

ios 9 download4_iphone 7

ios 9 iphoen 6 download3_iphone 7

ios 9 iphoen 6 download2_iphone 7

ios 9 iphoen 6 download1_iphone 7

ios 9 download3_iphone 7

ios 9 download2_iphone 7

Those same rumors say that the iPhone 6S will also be unveiled sometime in the spring although this is unlikely. Unless Apple is about to turn their entire release schedule on its head, they never release details of hardware before September, just before they are about to release it. The iPhone 6S is rumored to be sporting a number of new features, including 2 GB RAM. However, some fan forums indicate that users want to see creativity rather than a memory upgrade although not everyone would agree with that.

What do you want to see on iOS 9 and the next generation of iPhone? Tell us in the comments box below how you think Apple can improve.

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  1. I dont care so much about other new features! But they are wellcome anyway! But all I want is a dark theme coming from apple itself!!! And of course! A more customisable system!

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  2. I don’t see how the proposed night mode described above would save battery power, at least not on current hardware. Only OLED displays use less power when the display shows more black elements. Backlit LCD displays like that in the iPhone use the same amount of power no matter what is being displayed. Only the setting of the backlight makes a difference.

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