iOS 9 to Focus on Stability and Performance Boosting

A new report out today claims that the next generation of the iOS firmware will be a Snow Leopard style of update. Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac says that the biggest focus in iOS 9 will be bug fixes, stability and performance, rather than throwing a whole load of new features at us. This makes sense considering the problems that have plagued iOS 8 right from the start and with Yosemite not really looking or feeling particularly finished. iOS 8 caused some pretty serious issues with Touch ID, Wi-Fi and data connection but it looks as if the recent release of iOS 8.1.3 has fixed these for most users, as well as patching the jailbreaks.

Image : iOS 9 to Focus on Stability Issues
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The report also says that Apple will continue with one feature from iOS 8.1.3 – keeping the update sizes smaller and more manageable, helpful for those who have smaller storage capacity iPhones and iPads. There will be one or two new features in iOS 9, especially with the Maps app with rumors of transit directions and indoor mapping making an entrance.

iOS 9 Support :

It could be that Apple will focus its updates on those devices running the A7 chip or upwards. With new devices expected in Autumn 2015, it’s likely that the iPhone 5C, iPad Mini and the iPod 5 will be discontinued and support will drop for the earlier versions of the iPad as well. This will leave Apple with a lineup of devices all on 64-bit processors, making it easier for updates to be produced.

iOS 9 Release Date :

iOS 9 is expected to be revealed in June at the next Worldwide Developers Conference with the usual official launch in September. The report does not mention anything about the next generation of OS X software or what we can expect to see in it but it is hoped that it will fix issues that users have experienced with stability and Wi-Fi connections.

What are you hoping to see in iOS 9 ? Do you think Apple should concentrate on fixes this time or should they continue to throw new features at us ?

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  1. When you buy an iPhone, they give 4 years of update support! I dont think they will drop support with a year left (two for the iphone 5C)… I dont know about the 5C since is a newer divice but with the capasity of a iphone 5… But from the point of view of the terms, the iphone 5 will get the iOS 9 as last update, and the iPhone 5C the iOS 10. I dont know about the iPads and iPods…

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