iOS 9 Running on iPhone 6 – Seen on Benchmark Tests

We normally get our first look at the new iOS when Apple holds their WWDC, usually in June. We have already seen reports that iOS 9 has been showing up in website analytics and, while there are still a few months to go, it has now shown up on the Basemark OS II database, running on an iPhone 6. At the moment, the new operating system seems to be running pretty much the same as iOS 8 but bear in mind that things will change considerably as the year passes. The scores so far are :

Image : iOS 9 seen in iPhone 6 Benchmark test from a 3rd Party Service

ios 9 iphone 6 benchmark

These are the only results available and there are none for the graphics benchmark, Basemark X at this stage. Some would also argue that a new iOS version should be about features and not performance although that is a matter of opinion.

Now that Apple has started testing iOS 9 we expect to see more results in due course along with a few hints of what’s to come. We must keep in mind that, when they do reveal it in June, they will only make it available to developers and it’s a long way off before the consumer version is ready so we shouldn’t put too much stock in what we’re seeing now.

There are rumors that Apple will also reveal their next smartphone at WWDC in June but, typically, the Cupertino Company tends to keep the conference for software rather than hardware so we wouldn’t put too much stock in that rumor just yet.

Rumored iOS 9 Release :

What we do know for certain is, whatever iPhone or iPad they release in September 2015 , it will be running on iOS 9. There will be a media event nearer the time to show off the next generation iPhone and so, for now, we will have to content ourselves with what bits of information we can glean from the news. We’ll keep you informed of all the latest news on iOS 9 and the next iPhone so Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter; updates will be sent direct to your inbox.

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