iOS 9 Rumour – Apple Might Be Testing the Next Gen iOS

Although we are expecting to see iOS 8.1.3 any day now, Apple has yet to fix all the issues that have reared their heads since iOS 8 was released, let alone include any new features. The only hint of those has come with the beta versions of iOS 8.2 where support for WatchKit has been seen, confirming that the Apple Watch will soon be in our hands, or on our wrists. Now it seems that the Cupertino Company have gotten busy on something else – testing prototype versions of iOS 9.

Image : Apple iPhone 6 iOS 9

ios 9 download6_iphone 7

The next generation of iOS firmware will be revealed at WWDC 2015, probably in June but Letemsvetemapplem, a Czechoslovakian web publication has web analytics showing that their site has been accessed 3 times since the beginning of January by devices running early versions of iOS 9. Of course, with a number of months to go before WWDC, there is nothing official and these stats could be fake.

However, it wouldn’t be unheard of for Apple to test out early versions of a new firmware, particularly in light of criticism following their rather speedy schedule of releasing updates for iOS and OS X without fixing many of the issues that have plagued users. To add to that, we don’t have any details about what we can expect to see in iOS 9 either.

Image : Apple iPhone 6 running iOS 9

ios 9 download6_iphone 7

ios 9 download4_iphone 7

ios 9 iphoen 6 download3_iphone 7

ios 9 iphoen 6 download2_iphone 7

ios 9 iphoen 6 download1_iphone 7

ios 9 download5_iphone 7 ios 9 download3_iphone 7

ios 9 download2_iphone 7

The Czechoslovakian site has not recorded any visits from Mac devices running OS X 10.11 yet but that doesn’t mean the next Mac operating system is already under way. It is always released later than iOS anyway so there is still plenty of time for that one.

In the next couple of months, we expect to see both iOS 8.1.3 and iOS 8.2 released, the latter alongside the Apple Watch. This is likely to be in March although that hasn’t been confirmed at this stage. It is likely that, barring any minor updates, iOS 8.2 will be the last major release before iOS 9, although Apple may surprise us with yet another one later on in the year.

UPDATE 01/02/2015

iOS 8.1.3 was released on January 27, bringing a few bug fixes, performance enhancements and patching all three iOS 8 jailbreaks at the same time. iOS 9 has also shown up in benchmark tests running on an iPhone 6, proving that Apple is definitely in the starting stages of testing the next generation of iOS firmware. Of course, we won’t get a look at it until June but it’s reassuring to know that they are already working on it.

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