iOS 9 Release in June 2015 – Updates Navigation & Security

Although it didn’t get off to the best start, iOS 8 did, without a doubt, bring some vast improvements when compared to iOS 7. Now, while iOS 8 is still in full swing, Apple is rumored to be testing the next generation of software, iOS 9. There is no official confirmation of the date on which iOS 9 will be revealed but, if they stick to previous form, it is likely to be at their Worldwide Developers Conference, which usually takes place in June.

Image : iOS 9 Release Date Expectation

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In a manner similar to Google, Apple has been spending money acquiring different companies, something they do every year before a new firmware is revealed. This year, its HopStop and Embark, two companies that could be making some much needed improvements to the iOS Maps App, which still has a lot of ground to make up following the disastrous release with iOS 6.

Also acquired is a company called WiFi-SLAM, leading to the suggestion that indoor navigation may be included in iOS 9. With iOS 8, Apple finally allowed the use of third party apps and one rumor is that Siri could be undergoing a personality change with iOS 9 and being given the ability to function inside third party apps. Also rumored is an upgrade to security, especially surrounding debit and credit card information stored for use with Apple Pay.

Image : Indoor Maps on iOS 9


iOS 8.2 is thought to be releasing in March when the Apple Watch is slated for release. We already know that the next major firmware release, currently on beta 4, offers support for Apple Watchkit and Bluetooth pairing between the iPhone and Watch. Developers already have the Watchkit SDK so they are prepared for when the product finally goes on public release and, once this release is out of the way, we can all turn our attention to what’s ahead in terms of software and hardware releases.

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