Leaked – iOS 9 Being Tested by Apple

Just a day or two back, a spike in web traffic was noted from devices running iOS 8.1.3, a clear indicator that the next update from Apple is due any time now. To add to that, iOS 9 has also been spotted on web analytics for some sites. Assuming that this is not a big hoax, this means that iOS 9 is under way, ahead of the first reveal at WWDC later this year.

Image : iOS 9 Update

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Unusually, these stats have been spotted from outside the Apple campus; normally prototypes of a new operating system are tested internally first. However, this does back up a recent report that Apple is intending to extend testing circles to some retail employees as a way of finding and eliminating more bugs and issues with performance and stability.

The first sightings of iOS 9 come from a website called letemsvetemapplem.eu, a Czechoslovakian technology site, who recorded three visits this month from a device or devices running the next generation of iOS firmware. MacWorld has also confirmed analytic data, showing no less than 10 page views from iOS 9 in the last couple of months. 6 of those views came from iOS 9, one from iOS 9.0.9 and three from iOS 9.2 with the earliest being recorded on October 23rd 2014.

Image : Traces of iOS 9 on web analytics

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That seems a touch early, even for Apple but, with the rate that they are pushing out iOS 8 updates, anything is possible. However, do keep in mind that anyone with a jailbroken device and a bit of knowhow may also be able to replicate these results.

So what can we expect from iOS 9 ? Given that iOS 7 was a radical design overhaul and iOS 8 focused heavily on features, it is anyone’s guess as to what comes next. It could be that the next iOS will be a major bug fix and code base optimization release but, until WWDC arrives, likely to be in June again, we’ll just have to continue with the guessing game.

UPDATE 31/01/2015

Right now, we have confirmation that Apple is well into the first testing phase of the next generation IOS. We are now seeing iOS 9 running on an iPhone 6 showing up in benchmark tests on the Basemark OS II database. The figures don’t show it as running much different to iOS 8 at the moment but you can see them for yourself here. We don’t expect to see anything official about iOS 9 until nearer June, when it will be unveiled at WWDC 2015.

What features or changes do you want to see in iOS 9 ? See some iOS 9 concept features in our previous post .

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