iOS 9 Notification Center – A Complete Makeover from iOS 8

While we normally see plenty of concept designs for the iPhone or the iPad, this time we have one for iOS 9, the next generation of firmware from Apple. Technically, the concept is of the design of the iOS 8 notification center but it is something that perhaps Apple should consider for the next iOS. The concept comes from Friðgeir Torfi Ásgeirsson, Petter Andersson, and Jonas Jerlström, and they ask a very valid question – how many users actually use the current notification center on iOS 8 ?

Image : New iOS 9 Notification Centre Imagined

ios 9 notification centre

Their concept adds in enhancements that are functional as well as making a few change to the aesthetics that make it look much more user-friendly.

The first thing you see is a clear view of your pending notifications. You can action the notification without needing to open a single app to do it – Like a post, add something as a favorite, retweet or reply, right from within the notification center. And deleting actioned notifications couldn’t be simpler, cleaning up with the touch of a button.

To be honest, it’s such a simple concept but, in effect, it’s flawless. There is no doubt that, if Apple produced something like this for iOS 9, more people would make much better use of the notification system.

Image : More pictures of iOS 9 Notification Centre

ios 9 notification centre1ios 9 notification centre0

iOS 9 is currently being tested by Apple and has been since October last year when it was first spotted showing up on website traffic statistics. More recently, the next iOS firmware showed up in benchmark tests, running on the iPhone 6 and pitted against iOS 8. At this stage, with the exception of a 17% difference in web scores, the two firmwares are pretty much even.

Video : Have a look at this short clip , showing off the new iOS 9 notification center

However, with Apple expecting to unveil it at WWDC in June, there is still plenty of time for them to tweak the new firmware even further. What do you think of this latest concept? Would it entice you to make more use of the Notification Center ?

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