iOS 8 Realease on June 2nd Certain

One topic of conversation is doing the rounds right now – iOS 8. June 2nd is the day we will finally get to see what all the fuss is about and whether all the rumors and speculation have any grain of truth in them.

Image : iOS 8 Apps ios-8-apps The last couple of months have been busy – as well as the usual round or rumors and predictions there have also been a number of leaked images showing what is reported to be the home screen of an iPhone that is running iOS 8. Although we cannot say that this is a genuine image, it does show icons for HealthBook, TextEdit, Preview and Tips, all of which have been heavily rumored to appear.

Video : iOS 8 Notification Centre Concept

iOS 8 – The Upgrades

Touch ID is rumored to be in for a slight shake up, being given more features although these are not known yet. iTunes is rumored to be getting its own icon instead of hiding inside the Music app and Notifications are also said to be getting some attention as well. A long overdue overhaul of the Maps app is reported to be in the works, with new features such as augmented reality, public transit direction and indoor mapping being included.

ios 8 interface iphone 5s (deleted 7621b8b39e8c9a70686c9342225a7e5a)

Siri is likely to get some sort of update but, again, this isn’t known for definite yet. The Control Center will be given a little attentions, a new iTunes subscription service may be included and a feature that will please many is said to be included – the ability to get rid of default apps that you don’t make use of.

iOS 8 – What do people want ?

ios 8 healthbook download

There are a number of other features that people would like to see – being able to change the default browser to one of their choice, a Battery Emergency feature that will cut out specific services and features when the battery is running low and the ability to switch off auto-correct for individual apps.

iOS 8 – When will it be released ?

ios 8 release date

If iOS 8 is revealed on June 2nd then it is likely to follow the same path as iOS 7 did last year. The beta versions will be spaced out across the coming months with the final public version ready in time for a September release.

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