iOS 8 Concept – 2014 Concept Video

iOS 7 is old news now. It has been out for almost 6 months and Apple is now getting ready to release iOS 7.1, possibly later on this month.  According to developers who have looked at the betas of the new firmware, it isn’t going to look too much different from iOS 7, with a few enhancements and bug fixes.

Image:  iOS 8 Features

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Attention is now turning to iOS 8 and a few concepts have come out of the woodwork including this latest one from Nico Achkasov. The Russian designer has given us a concept of iOS 8 Infinity, a design that will soon be a free tweak in Cydia. One of the things that people found to criticize the most about iOS 7 was the icons. And, of course, once people start complaining, they suddenly become the world’s best designers, telling us how things should look. Unfortunately, while some nice ideas so come out of the woodwork, not many of them have been given as much thought as they perhaps should have been. Achkasov has put the time and effort into showing Apple exactly what the icons should look like in the next iOS release. To give you some idea of how much thought has gone into this concept, it took the designer more than 3 months to complete and the end result is stunning.

Image:  iOS 8 Infinity Concept


The icons in Infinity 8 are consistent; they follow the grid system and a particular color palette. It shows Apple what they are capable of doing and we are asking Apple to have a good think about the design of their icons.  IOS 8 Infinity is what we want to see.

Video: iOS 8 Infinity

What do you think of this latest concept ? Is this what you want to see on the next iOS or are you happy with the icons on iOS 7 ?

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  1. Great theme! The only thing I would miss with this theme would be the Settings gear icon. Other than that, it’s an excellent theme, I love the Game Center and Photos icons! Big improvement over iOS 7! Keep up the good work, Nico!

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