iOS 8 Concept Makes iOS 7 look like Childs-Play

iOS 7 is not very old, a mere few weeks, but it hasn’t gone down successfully with some people.  Despite the fact that iOS 7 portrays the single biggest design change in the history of iOS, it isn’t perfect.  There are things that could be changed, in the way it works and the way it looks.

Image : iOS 8 Concept – iOS 8 Download available from June-July 2014


Sangam Bhandari has designed a rather eye-catching iOS 8 concept, showing us what iOS 7 perhaps should have looked like.  The Home screen has been completely overhauled, with more functionality that the current one.  Note that, instead of a page, or two, full of app icons, this Home screen has combined both the Notification and Control Centers into one.  All that useful information, such as system toggles and notifications are all there in one place.

Although it hasn’t been made clear, it looks as though you could probably respond to your notifications direct from the home screen as well, without having to open the actual app.  The whole concept looks friendlier and cleaner and is more user-friendly than any other user interface.  And, despite the host of information available from the Home screen, it doesn’t look cluttered.  There are no add-on icons floating around, it’s just a simple design that gives you all the important stuff right from the start.

Image : More iOS 8 on iPhone 5 Interface Pictures






What do you think of this new concept?  Is it something you would like to see on the next major operating system or are you content with the way iOS 7 looks?  Unfortunately, it’s not likely that we will see this kind of concept from Apple, at least not for iOS 8.  Next yeas WWDC will more than likely be in June again and the chances are, Apple has already got their iOS 8 design in hand, probably not much different from iOS 7.

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Who knows though ?  This has been a year of surprises from Apple and perhaps they intend to continue in this vein next year.  Tell us what you think.

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