Apps on iOS 8 Crash 78% more than iOS 7.1

iOS 8 has been out for just over one week and, to be honest, it hasn’t gotten off to the best start. The adoption rate is lower than it was for iOS 7 although that may change in the coming months. People who have upgraded to the new firmware are starting to compare it to iOS 7 and a few things are coming to light.

Image : iOS 8 Apps crashing more than iOS 7

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One report from a group of “mobile application performance experts”, published via BGR, says that apps running on the new firmware crash more than apps on iOS 7.1. The data they used for their analysis was for a five-day period between 18th and 22nd September and it indicated the crash rate of apps on iOS 8 devices was 3.56. The same apps on iOS 7.1 devices crashed at a rate of 2%.

That’s the overall look. Digging down to a deeper level, the crash rates were recorded on specific iOS devices. The iPhone 4 (even though it doesn’t support iOS 8), iPhone 42, 5S and 5C showed a rash rate of 3.57%. On the iPhone 6, it was 2.63% and the iPhone 6 Plus recorded a rate of 2.11% of the time.

The same group reports that adoption for iOS 8 is running at just over 20% but that is at odds with the figures that were published 3 days after the firmware was released and much lower than the rate of 46% that Apple declared on September 23rd.

Image : iOS 8 App Crash Table

iOS-8 app-crashing-chart

A recent upgrade to iOS 8.0.1 was pulled within an hour of release because it caused serious issues with Touch ID and the ability to make phone calls, particularly on the newer iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices.

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Have you had any issues with apps crashing ?

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