iOS 7 vs iOS 6 Difference – Comparison

With WWDC starting on Monday 10th June, there have been loads of rumors, not just about the new firmware but about the iOS 7 download as well.  While we can say with some confidence that there will be an developers download , nobody knows when the public iOS 7 download will be released.  On the subject of what we can expect to see in iOS 7 itself, let’s have a look at some of the features:


Improvement to the Camera and to Photo Apps

The iPhone camera is one of the best ever to be featured on a smartphone.  It’s easy to use and shots great photos, as well as being user-friendly when it comes to social networking. Each year, we see some improvement and here’s what we expect to be featured in iOS 7:

Camera ios 7 vs ios 6

  • New control features on the size of videos and photos
  • New Pause feature for video recording
  • New Timestamp feature for photos

Improvements to Phone and Message Apps :


Jailbreakers have far better phone and message apps than the stock ones and we can only hope that the iOS 7 jailbreak is going to be no exception. However, in the meantime, we want to see:

  • Blacklisting for phone numbers – currently only available for jailbreaks
  • Be able to send a message without having to go into the Message app
  • New Call Waiting notification for use when you are phoning a contact


In General :

There’s always a way to make something good work even better and the iPhone is no exception. We all have our own ideas on what we want to see but here’s what we should see:

  • Being able to change font size for system tools and icons
  • New Multitasking gestures
  • Adding tones to applications
  • Improvements to the Mail app and to Siri
  • More stock apps on the iPad
  • Controlled iTunes syncing, and a bit more besides.


More iOS 7 Features :






The new firmware is expected to be announced on Monday. After the developers have had a look, we can expect the hackers to begin building the new iOS 7 jailbreak.



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