iOS 7 Upgrade Error on iTunes – Solution

iOS 7 has now been public for a week and, so far, there don’t seem to have been too many reported issues regarding the upgrade. However, not everybody has had such an easy time of it and, as with any upgrade, some have come up against error messages and other issues. One of the most common seems to be iTunes error messages when trying to upgrade.

Image : iOS 7 Download Error

ios 7 download error

There are some things you can try but, before you do any  of the things in this list, make sure you have the latest iTunes. V11.1 was released to coincide with iOS 7 because it contains support for some of the new features, most notably iTunes Radio.

How to Download iOS 7 and Install on your Device :

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Navigate to the Devices Summary
  3. Click on Check For Updates
  4. If you have not got the latest version you can download it by clicking on the pop up message. itunes-ios-7.0.2-download-updates
  5. You can also download the latest version by clicking here.

How to Fix iTunes Upgrade Error Messages:

Check your hardware

It’s always worth testing out your cables first as a faulty one can kick out all sorts of error messages, the most common one being Error 4013. Check all your USB ports are working as well:

  1. Use an alternative cable – borrow one (make sure it is the correct one for your device) or buy a new one lightning cable iphone 5 cheap
  2. Try connecting through different USB ports on your PC or Mac as shown in the image below .apple-macbook-pro-13-ports-usb

Insufficient Memory

Not having enough memory on your iPhone or iPad can cause a lot of problems, usually when you are trying to do an OTA upgrade. The same can happen when you are using iTunes as well and all kinds of error messages may show up.

itunes sync ios 7


Before you begin the upgrade, make sure you have at least 3GB of free space on your device.  Go through everything – delete any files you don’t need, get rid of any apps you don’t use, transfer images, video and audio files to an alternative storage source.

Hosts File Issues

If, at some point in the past, you have come up against and fixed Error 3194, you will more than likely have made some changes to a Hosts file.  The result of this is a “hosts” block, which can have a serious effect when you are trying to upgrade to iOS 7. To put it simply, until the block is fixed you cannot upgrade. You can change the Hosts file back to what it should be and that will fix this issue:


On Windows:

  1. Go to C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts
  2. Make a backup of this file and save it to your desktop
  3. Open the ORIGINAL file.
  4. Look for a line in the file that says
  5. Remove the line and save the Hosts file

On Mac

  1. Go to /private/etc/hosts
  2. Follow the procedure for Windows

Failing that download TinyUmbrella to fix the issue.

DNS Cache

After you have sorted out the Hosts file issue you should clear out your DNS Cache:

  • Mac – Open Terminal and type in this command: dscacheutil –flushcache
  • Windows –  Open Command Prompt and type this command: ipconfig/flushdns

After all of that have another go at upgrading your device to iOS 7 and you should find the process is successful.

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  1. I can’t send 2 or more pic(mms) to a non iPhone user. Only to iPhone user using iMessage. Please could you me if there is a certain setting

  2. muito obrigado consegui de resolver a situação do iphone 5 que estava desactivado baixei o novo ios 7.0.2 e actualizei e não perdi nada……….

    thanks managed to resolve the situation that the iphone 5 was deactivated downloaded the new ios 7.0.2 and I updated and have not lost anything …….

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