Do you Know ? iOS 7 Silently Records your Movements

GPS tracking is nothing new; our iOS devices use it to track our locations, providing personalized services and allowing us to track down our device if it gets lost or stolen. What you may not know is that, with iOS 7, your movements are now being tracked and recorded silently. The feature keeps track of every location you visit and stores the data.

Image : iOS 7 Location Tracking Feature exposed in iOS 6 earlier in 2012

AppleTrackingLocation ios 7

However, Apple has not hidden this feature – all of the data is accessible and you can delete the data or just turn off the feature, easily. Just to be clear, this is only in iOS 7. Turning this off effectively stops your iOS device from tracking you, although there are some who will want to use this feature for tracking another person’s movements. You could disable Location Services altogether if you want to but that means you will not be able to make full use of other apps that depend on location, such as Maps, Weather, etc.

It is a handy feature if you lose your device, suspect it’s been stolen and you have Find My iPhone turned on. iOS 7 also includes a new security feature called Activation Lock, which requires the use of your Apple login to be able to unlock or erase the device. If you have a child you can find out where they are or where they’ve been. You can make use of the “Near Me” feature for traffic updates, finding your nearest restaurant, and other features.

Here’s how to turn off the tracking feature in iOS 7 :

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap Privacy
  3. Tap on Locations Services location tracking disable ios 7 how to
  4. Navigate to System Services  and tap it
  5. Tap Frequent Locations to bring up the next screendisable location tracking on iPhone 5 ios 7
  6. Tap to disable this feature


By following the above steps you can continue to make use of Location Services without having your device track your every movement and record it for posterity.



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