iOS 7 Release Date Delayed – Get your Hands on Beta Now

We’ve already heard several rumors that Apple is releasing two iPhone’s this year, the budget model iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S which is also rumored to be available in Gold as well as Black and White. It’s also thought that the gold-colored iPhone will only be available in the 128 GB storage size and will have a fingerprint sensor.

Image : iPhone 5 running iOS 7 beta – From left to right , the Control Centre , Incoming Call , Calculator App

ios 7 beta 7 download

There was also a rumor that the iPhone 5S button would be convex, to house the fingerprint sensor but, further rumor tells us that, although the shape will be slightly different, there won’t be much to distinguish it from the normal concave button.

As for the fingerprint sensor, it’s hoped, by Apple, that y introducing a sensor, iPhone security will be automatic – at the moment, only a tiny percentage of people actually use a pass code to protect their device. However, that said, users will be able to disable the sensor n settings.

Expected iOS 7 Download for Public Availability :

On to the main topic – it would appear that Apple is a little behind in their schedule for iOS 7 on the iPad. The first beta for the iPad was delayed by 2 weeks anyway and it now looks as though the final version could be subject to the same delay. Sources tell us that it will more than likely be released towards the end of September or beginning of October, around the same time as the iPhone’s [iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S] are due for release.

Tip : Supported iOS 7 devices 

If you are disappointed by this news, don’t be. It’s a simple task to download and install iOS 7 beta and even simpler to get the necessary activation to use it, legally. We’ll walk you through it, step by step:

  1. Download the latest iOS 7 beta
  2. Connect your iOS device and computer together and open iTunes
  3. Go to Device Summary
  4. Hold the SHIFT or OPTION key down and click UPDATE in iTunes itunes ios 7 download updates
  5. Point to the IPSW and let iTunes update your iPad to the new beta.

Best way to activate iOS 7 beta is to purchase your UDID activation . Here’s how:

  1. Email your UDID number to
  2. Send payment of $10 through PayPal .
  3. Wait a few hours for device identifier provisioning and then you will receive email confirmation
  4. You can now activate iOS 7 beta and enjoy using it on your iPhone , iPad or iPod Touch .

There are only 50 of these available so be quick to get yours – we will not oversell.



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