iOS 7 Random Reboot Problem Fix – Solution

Apple has now released iOS 7.1 beta 4 out to developers but it would appear that, even with this release, one of the biggest bugbears of iOS 7 has still not been fixed.  Ever since iOS 7 was released in September, a lot of users have complained about the black or white screen of death – the random reboot and respring.

Image : iOS 7 Reboot Problem

ios 7 stuck on apple logo iphone 5

The problem has been reported on a variety of different devices running iOS 7, including the newer A7 ones and it doesn’t look as it iOS 7.1 is going to fix the issue either.  There is no pattern to the reboots and no single problem can be identified as causing it.

There have been an awful lot of forum posts about this issue, with some people coming p wit fixes that have worked for them but don’t work for others. We have a handful of things that you can try but there is no guarantee that any of these will be a permanent solution, nor is there any guarantee that what works for one will work for all .

Possible Solution(s) to iOS 7 Random Reboot :

  1. Some say the Twitter iOS app is to blame so try force-closing it;
  2. Switch Reduce Motion to OFF – this can be done in Settings>General>Accessibility>Reduce Motion
  3. Switch off the following settings: Background App Refresh, Auto App Update, Location Services, iCloud Data

Other things that have worked for some and not for others include:

  1. Hard Reset – Hold power and home buttons down simultaneously until Apple Logo appears
  2. Place iPhone into DFU and restore – start with restoring from a backup and, if this doesn’t work, back up your data and then restore as a new device
  3. Turn Touch ID off
  4. Ignore Touch ID and just log in using the usual Swipe and Passcode method

This has come via a user who spoke to an Apple software engineer who said that the problem lies with Touch ID – although this may be true on some devices, not all who have the problem have the feature but it is worth trying for those who do.

Others have managed to look at crash reports and have noticed a lot of Low Memory Warnings, indicating that the device is running a lot of memory hog apps at the time of the crash. Others found that the reboot happened when they were videoing in slow motion.  The advice is to exit all apps before using Slo-Mo and make sure you haven’t got too many apps open at once.


Apple has finally acknowledged the issue and has promised a fix is coming up in a future software update – there is no indication of whether this will be an iOS 7 update or if we have to wait for iOS 7.1.

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