iOS 7 Maps go Full Screen with Night-Mode Navigation

iOS 6 brought with it Apple’s interpretation of a maps app, a pretty disastrous one at that. Despite being dropped by Apple, Google Maps is back for iOS and they want to stay there. However, Apple hasn’t given up just yet and the new iOS 7 firmware shows that they are seriously revamping how the Maps App works on iOS.  They are introducing a lot of new features and overhauling some of the old ones. One of the new features is Full Screen Mode.

ios 7 maps

Full screen removes the entire user interface from the Map screen, giving a much larger view.  Even the status bar at the top of your screen will go as well. You can choose to have the search bar and the toolbar visible in both Standard or Satellite mode and Flyover mode. However, you will still get the feeling of a bigger view because the bars are more translucent.

Simply touching the map will make the app go full screen. You can’t use pinch and zoom gestures on it, only a touch on the actual map. And, until you tell it otherwise, the Maps app will stay as a full screen, only disappearing with another positive touch to the screen. night navigation ios 7 maps

Full Screen works in all maps, including Hybrid, Standard and Satellite and it also works in both 2D and 3D mode. For those that have an iOS device with a high-resolution display, this feature allows you to make the most of the pixels you have to offer.

Another handy feature that Apple has included this time around is Night Mode.  It’s a clever feature; it detects when you are driving at night or in the dark and automatically activates. Night Mode shows a darker grey background instead of the standard brilliant white.  This is akin to many of the more popular satellite navigation systems available today and makes viewing in the dark a little easier on the eyes.

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The new Maps app will undergo some pretty stringent testing in the next couple of months. After all, the last thing the Cupertino Company wants is a repeat of last year.



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