iOS 7 LockScreen Security Flaw Lets Access to User Data

iOS 7 has only been live for a few days and already the problems are starting to surface.  A security flaw has been discovered in the new lock screen that allows complete strangers access to user data that is supposed to be protected, such as email accounts, social networking logins and photos. It was discovered by Jose Rodriguez who found that the security on an iPhone or iPad could be got past very easily.

Image : iOS 7 Lock Screen

lockscreen ios 7 iphone 5s

The process of gaining access is carried out by way of a set of gestures that are input in a specific order. Provided you know exactly what the series of gestures is, you do not need a pin code to unlock and gain access to an iPhone or iPad.  The video below shows exactly how to get in to an iPhone and an iPad using this vulnerability:

How to Get Access to a Locked iPhone running iOS 7.0 :

If you want to have a go on your own device, just use a swipe up gesture on the lockscreen. This brings the Control Center into play. Tap on the Clock app to open it and, once open hold down the sleep button on your device until the Slide to Power Off message appears. Cancel this and then double click the Home button to launch Multitasking. From here you can access the camera, emails, photos, etc. and, if you can get this far, you can use Siri or the Control Center to get into contacts and other protected data. You can also access Find My iPhone/iPad and disable it, stopping the real owner of the device from tracking it down.

Video : Lock Screen Security Flaw

This is not the first, and we doubt it will be the last, time that Apple devices have been hit with security flaws on the lock screen.  iOS 6.1 had its fair share of issues, such as the Pass Code flaw that let people not the contacts list and images on an iPhone that was pass code protected.

Apple has issued a statement confirming that they are aware of the problem and are working on a fix for it now. However, they have not told us when we can expect the update although it is though it will be next week sometime.

Fix Security Flaw :

In the meantime, if you want to give your device a little added protection, disable the Control Center from being accessible on the lock screen:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on Control Center
  3. Tap on Access on Lock Screen to disable it control centre ios 7

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DISCLAIMER: This article is not intended to be a walk-through for those with malicious intent; it is merely to inform you of the issues. By disabling the Control Center on the lock screen, you are limiting any damage that may be done. The best security method is not to let your device out of your sight or let anyone else have access to it.




  1. Does not work, he must have the pass ode timeout feature on for more than a minute… Tried on 10 iOS7 Devices including iphone 5 iphone 4 and 5 s

  2. This article and the video are a waste of time, I have tried the procedure and could not access my phone the way described, don’t really see what is the point of that video.
    It is all misleading.

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