iOS 7 based Flexible iWatch – Video and Pictures

Some time ago a rumor surfaced that Apple were going to be manufacturing a smart-watch. Since then, we’ve heard reports of a patent that they applied for, pertaining to wearable tech and we’ve seen reports that they have employed more than 100 designers and engineers specifically to work on the project. We now know that Apple has been granted the iWatch Trademark as well.

Image : iOS 7 iWatch slim flexible design concept


Apple iOS 7 iWatch Rumor :

As with any Apple rumor, it doesn’t take long for the concept designers to get to work and we’ve seen quite a lot of  iWatch Concepts in recent months. We’ve seen concepts that encompass curved displays, Mac-Like displays, and ones that have embedded cameras to name just a few. Today, we have a new one for you.

This one comes from Federico Ciccarese and looks a little space-age and very much like a top of the range fashion accessory rather than a watch.   Federico Ciccarese has used one of Apple’s patents to develop this concept – the Bi-Stable Spring with Flexible Display one.  The patent description seems to call on a type of bracelet that was popular in the 1990’s, one that snaps on, and uses a flexible display.




iWatch Bracelet Video :

The concept features that type of bracelet, with the flexible curved display and also runs on iOS 7. The concept shows it available in a range of different colors, perhaps taken from the iPod and the new iPhone 5C. Take a look at this short video showing the iOS 7 iWatch concept:

Not much is really known about the iWatch at the moment. Apple is not letting anything slip and all we have to go on, as usual, are rumors and speculations and, of course, these concept designs that people have come up with.   It’s also thought by some that we will see the iWatch launching sometime in 2014.

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