iOS 7 Now Prevents Non-Official Lightning Cables from Charging iPhone

Couple of months back it was discovered, in one of the  iOS 7 Betas, that Apple had included a warning about using chargers that were not certified by Apple. This follows the news that a woman in China was killed by using an iPhone that was still plugged into an unofficial charger. It also follows the warning that lightning cables that are not Apple certified contain cracked chips.

Image : iOS 7 lightning cable not supported error

ios 7 lightning cable not supported

If you have upgraded to iOS 7 and you attempt to use a non-standard lighting cable you will be faced with a warning message on your device informing you that the cable may not work.  This is in an attempt to fight back against the manufacturers of cheap unauthorized cables, many of which can be bought for a fraction of the cost of a properly certified lightning cable.

Although some people are finding that unauthorized cables still work, most are finding the opposite. Some people have reported that, where their cheaper cables worked with a previous iOS now they simply will not charge. Up until the full version of iOS 7 was released, the betas were only issuing a warning about non-standard cables.

However, there is a workaround for those who cannot afford or who do not want to purchase a standard Apple lightning cable .

Fix iOS 7 Lightning Cable Not Charging Problem :

  1. Turn on your device
  2. Plug in the non-standard lightning cable
  3. Ignore and dismiss warning messages
  4. Unlock your device
  5. Dismiss any other warnings that come up
  6. With the screen activated unplug the lightning cable
  7. Now connect it again and dismiss further warnings
  8. Your device should now charge up properly

This is a bit of a time-consuming method, one that needs to be carried out every time you want to charge your device, and could end up with Apple’s preferred outcome – people purchasing the more expensive but genuine lightning cables. It must be pointed out that these cables cost more because they contain genuine authentication chips and undergo stringent safety checks to meet the requirements of governments across the entire globe.

Alternatively Buy Cheap Certified Cables :

These cables are certified by Apple to work on all lightning devices . Although not very cheap , they are half the price of the original lightning cable. You ca buy them over starting for $15 .

lightning cable iphone 5 cheap

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