iOS 7 iMessage Features – Tricks You Should Know

Whether you are downloading the iOS 7 betas or are waiting for the public release in September, we want to be sure that you have a handle on some of the best features iOS 7 has to offer and on some of the changes that have taken place.

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In this article, we will be looking at iMessage. This is one app that has undergone a serious overhaul, not just in design but in features as well. First off, it now has the iOS 7 flat blue look and second, there are a couple of features that could be quite useful.  Here are some tips on making use of some of these features in iMessage :

Time-Stamps :

Normally, when the iPhone or iPad shows a message time-stamp, it is a daily one; in iMessages, it shows you when the message was read.  Apple has made the decision to take time stamps one step further and give messages a bit of an IM look to them. Now you can see exactly when a message was sent:

  1. Open up a particular message or conversation string
  2. Use a swipe gesture – right to left – across the screenios 7 imessage  (2)
  3. You will now see a time-stamp for each message or conversation.

Full Screen Messages :

Sometimes, you get long messages, meaning you have to scroll to read the entire message or other parts of the conversation. While this isn’t exactly a problem, if you are looking for something specific it can be irritating to scroll through reams of messages.

imessage  ios 7 iphone 5

With the new iOS 7, there’s a feature that allows you to read your messages in a full screen. Each message is enclosed by speech marks and truncated. All you need to do to see each individual message full screen is tap it. When you’ve finished tap again and move on to the next truncated message.

Group Chat :

This is brand new feature for iMessage in iOS 7. If you want to take part in a group chat, send an iMessage to all the people you want involved. This starts the group chat and all conversations will then encompass all members of the group.

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It does have one slight issue at the moment – once you are in a group chat, you can’t get out and you can’t mute the conversation. This may well be fixed before iOS 7 goes public though.

Link : Download iOS 7 for iPhone 

As and when we come across any new features we’ll let you know, tell us if you find any that are not listed.




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