iOS 7 Features

While many of us are wondering about the iOS 7 download , Apple’s WWDC is due to start on Monday, with the new firmware being top of the bill.  There have been a great deal of rumors about what we can expect to see and here are just some of the ones we want:

ios 7 iPhone 5 ipsw

Improvements to Facetime :

FaceTime is a top-selling feature, particularly on the iPhone 4 when Apple allowed its use over Wi-Fi. Since then it has been enabled for 3G but some feel that it needs to be integrated with more apps, in particular Messages. Here’s what people want to see, outside of the iOS 7 download :

  • Option for using audio only calls, not video
  • Option for screen sharing with the recipient of your call

ios 7 control centre

Delete All / Move All :

Right now, we can only delete messages, audio tracks or contacts on a one-at-a-time basis. It is widely felt that Apple should allow the option to delete or move all at once.

Improved “Do Not Disturb”


There should be some vast improvements to this feature, including:

  • Being able to disable notification tones when calling
  • Be able to create blacklists for unwanted numbers and names

Improved Notifications:

We should be able to:

  • Hide notifications
  • Turn them off for each application separately at set times
  • New notifications for stock apps

More Options:

  • Bluetooth printing
  • Ability to rearrange photos by category, date, etc.
  • Be able to see your passwords for Wi-Fi networks
  • View the next song on your playlist
  • Be able to halt the sending of an SMS after Send has been pressed
  • iPad notifications to be larger
  • Change size of icons
  • Move more than one icon at the same time
  • Have an unlimited amount of icons and folders within folders
  • Unlimited number or icons and folders in the dock
  • Choice of indoor or outdoor profiles

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All of these would be welcome additions to the new firmware but, should they not be made available, its more than likely that they will be as tweaks after the iOS 7 jailbreak has been released.




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