iOS 7 Features – Not Supported on All Devices

iOS 7, the brand new upgraded firmware is expected to be released sometime in the fall but, despite the fact that it supports the iPhone 4 and above, iPad 2 or higher, iPad Mini and iPod Touch 5th Generation, it’s come to light that not all the new features will be available on these devices.


Some of the more popular features, such as AirDrop and Siri will only be available on newer devices, meaning some people will either have to miss out or fork out for a new iPhone or iPad.  It’s not really any surprise that newer features require updated hardware but there are some who believe that this is Apple’s way of forcing sales of new devices. However, it’s more likely that the older devices simply don’t have hardware that can deliver the experience that is frequently demanded by users today.

Let’s have a look at which iOS 7 Features are not going to be available on all devices:

  • AirDrop will not be available on the iPhone 4, 4S, iPad 2 or iPod 3
  • Panoramic photos  are not supported on the iPhone 4 or on any iPad at all
  • Camera filters  not available on iPhone 4, 4S or any iPad
  • Siri  will not be on the iPhone 4 or iPad 2.


While this isn’t a huge list it’s enough to spoil the enjoyment of the new iOS for some users. Having said that , all supported devices will get all the other features that iOS 7 offers so it shouldn’t spoil things too much. Siri has only ever been available from the iPhone 4S upwards anyway. AirDrop could perhaps have the biggest impact, being one of the most secure and fastest  methods for file and content sharing. It is also not supported in any Mac computer that was introduced before 2011 either.




  1. Think ill finally upgrade to iPhone 5 when 5S comes out. I love my iPhone 4 and the ability to restore to whatever firmware I want, but I think it’s time for a change.

  2. I just now purchased a 4S as an upgrade to my 4. I’m not going to the 5 for the reasons that you cited. I think the 4s will be fine for my usage and I don’t think that I am going to be in and around a 4G network too often

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