iOS 7 Features Apple Should Add/Remove

While there is a lot to like about iOS 7, there are also things that just shouldn’t be there.  Some of the design leaves a lot to be desired as do one or two of the features.  Here are 3 things that Apple really should remove from iOS 7.

This list is based on iOS 7 Beta 2 and does not in any way reflect what the final iOS 7 will look like. Download iOS 7 beta 3 here .

  • Remove  some of the empty space in Newsstand app

newsstand ios 7

While Newsstand may look all well and good on the iPhone, it doesn’t look quite so impressive on the iPad.  In the iOS 7 Newsstand, magazines are fixed to a transparent wall in a 4×4 design reminiscent of iOS 6.

If  you have that many subscriptions that’s fine but, to do away with wasted space perhaps they could have a carousel design similar to that on the Kindle Fire. The way, users can flick through their magazines easily without any of the ugly wasted space.

  • Remove the restrictions on the Freebie Wish List.

freebie wishlist ios 7 missing

Ok, so Apple has finally added a free Wish List to the app store. Unfortunately you can only add paid apps to the list, not free ones. While many will perhaps use the list to add apps they may not be able to afford right now, there is also the size of the files to take into account.  Some of the most popular apps are free but they are also quite large, 1GB or more. Apple should allow freebies to be added to the wish list.

  • Add the Weather and Stock apps to the iPad

weather app ios 7

Both of these apps have been rather nicely redesigned on the iPhone but it’s still beyond us why they have not been added to the iPad.



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  1. You guys are worrying by worthless while the control center is not really a control center since you cant choose the toggles you want to be there and the tap to tweet/post widget was removed! Petty! U_U

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