iOS 7 Download Available on 18th Sept – Details

Yesterday, Apple finally made the announcement we have all been waiting for – the iPhone 5C and the 5S. Both phones are to be released later on this month although no firm date is known just yet.  Apple also announced that iOS 7 would be made available for public download on September 18th.

Image : iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C official images

iphone 5s

Both of the new phones are going to be running the firmware so we’re going to have a look at some of the features on both phones and how iOS 7 works with them and makes them better:


Yellow-iPhone-5c camera

The iPhone 5S is expected to have a 12-megapixel iSight camera, along with a dual LED Flash. To give these features top performance, Apple has upgraded their camera and photo apps in iOS 7. New real-time filters have been included, ones that you can add in-app, easy switching between camera modes and a redesigned photos app that makes storage and cataloguing easy.


iphone 5s siri

The popular voice recognition assistant has been given a complete makeover in iOS 7 – new voices and language support have been added, more device control using Siri and the ability to teach Siri how to pronounce names.

File Sharing – Is now easier with the addition of Airdrop, previously only used on Mac OS X.


iphone 5s music


As well as the normal options for downloading and listening to your favorite tracks, iTunes Radio makes its debut in iOS 7. Now you can make your own radio stations, mix and match from pre-set ones and your own music and easily purchase tracks with one click.



iOS 7 has gone one step further and makes app switching easier. iOS 7 also remembers the apps you use the most frequently, keeping them updated automatically.

Notification and Control Center 

control centre ios 7 iphone 5

Apple has finally given users what they want – access to the Notification Center from the Lock screen with a brand new feature, Today, that shows you up to date information at a glance.

How to Get iOS 7 Today :

Although iOS 7 will be available in just 1 weeks’ time, you can get it earlier by registering your UDID through us. The process is simple – email us with your UDID to We will send you instructions by email on how to make payment of $10 via PayPal and when to expect your UDID to be registered.

This will normally take around an hour and, once registered you can go ahead and download iOS 7 with full support from us.




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