Apple to Release iOS 7 Download on September 10th 2013

It’s pretty certain that Apple will be launching iOS 7 publicly in September; we just don’t know what date yet.  Today we have seen a report, which seems to indicate that iOS 7 will be launched on September 10th. The report comes from sight of an email, received by Owen Williams of The Verge, from a company called Nuance. Nuance is the company that is  responsible for the technology behind Siri, the voice recognition assistant and, as such, they are close enough to the California-based Company to have some idea of the date beforehand.

Image : iOS 7 UI on iPhone 5 showing world clock and stopwatch

ios 7 timer world clock

If this news is correct it be an indication that the iPhone 5S and 5C will be released earlier than first thought. However, so far the only indication we have of anything happening on September 10th is Apple’s media event to reveal their new lineup. That hasn’t even been officially conformed yet but it seems to be the most likely time, based on previous events for product reveals and launches.

It’s also been rumored that the iOS 7 GM version is being released to developers on that date so it could be that information has gotten a little mixed up. The GM version is normally released around 10 days before public release so it’s more likely that iOS 7 will be officially rolled out on or around the 19th September, preceded by the iPhone launch.

Download iOS 7 Now : [beta]

For those that have not yet downloaded the iOS 7 betas, now’s the time to do it. iOS 7 is packed full of awesome features, some of which are brand new and never before seen on an iOS device. It’s been given a complete overhaul so it looks different and works much better than ever before. It has features like a brand new Control Center, an upgraded Notification Center that can now be accessed from the Lock Screen, AirDrop, an upgraded Multitasking app, and so much more.  You can read about the features here and you can follow our download tutorials here.  We have also produced a guide on how to get your UDID activated, legally, so that you can download IOS 7 as a non-developer.



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