iOS 7 in Car is a “Key Focus” of Apple – says CEO Tim Cook

While Apple were revealing their earnings for Q3, the CEO, Tim Cook answered a question from an analyst regarding “iOS in the Car”, a subject that had already been brought up during their WWDC keynote speech in June.  iOS in the Car is a new feature of Apple’s, bringing a whole new meaning to hands free and expanding on their Eyes free technology.  iOS in the Car allows you to access all of your messages, make and receive calls, use GPS and so much more without having to look at anything except the road you are driving.

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Tim Cook explained that Apple see it as an important part of the Apple Ecosystem. He puts it on the same pedestal as the app store, iTunes and all of their content. Apple believes that consumers want a complete eyes-free driving system; they want to be able to use their mobile device in their cars in complete safety and to make it a part of their driving experience. Their view is that Apple is the best company to be able to provide this kind of service and, thus, it is going to be an important focus for them.


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iOS in the Car should be available in 2014. Several manufacturers have taken it onboard and are currently incorporating it into models due out next year. These include Jaguar, Chevrolet, Honda, Nissan, Kia, Mercedes, Hyundai, Ferrari and Volvo, although there are others as well. Siri Eyes Free has already been included in some cars that were brought out earlier in 2013. Siri Eyes Free is an iOS 6 feature, the basis for iOS in the Car.

According to a leaked document detailing internal settings in iOS 7, iOS in the Car will likely have AirPlay support for Wi-Fi as well as USB.

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