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Today Apple has dropped yet another beta on us, number 7, a bit of a surprise since beta 6 was released just last week. However, that was only a minor version, released to fix an urgent bug that occurred after beta 5 for some users, with iTunes and iCloud.  This guide will show you how to download and install beta 7 and how to legally and safely activate your UDID.

Image : Top iOS 7 Messaging apps [left to right : WhatsApp , Viber , iMessage]

ios 7 imessage  whatsapp viber download ios 7

How to Download iOS 7 Beta 7 :

Method 1 – OTA : For Registered Developers only

  1. Open Settings on your device
  2. Select General 
  3. Select Software Update ota ios 7 iOS Screenshot 20130820-134031 01 (2)
  4. Your device will now check for the new beta
  5. Select Download and Install
  6. When the installation is complete your device will restart on iOS 7 beta 7.

Method 2 – IPSW : For Registered and Non-developers

  1. Download the iOS 7 beta 7 IPSW – make sure you download from the list that corresponds to your developer status
  2. Connect your device and computer together and open iTunes
  3. Go to Device Summary
  4. Hold the Shift or Option (Mac) key down and tap on Update in iTunes simultaneously shift option keyboard mac windows
  5. Point to the ios 7 beta 7 IPSW and iTunes will proceed to update your device to beta 7.

iOS 7 Download Links – Direct Downloads :

How to Activate iOS 7 Beta 7 :

Now you need to activate your device to run on iOS 7 beta 7. Registered developers will not have a problem here but non-developers will almost certainly come up against an activation error. This is because your UDID has not been registered with the Apple development team and won’t be authorized.

ios 7 activation error fix iphone 5

Solution to Activation Error :

There are a couple of  ways that you can get past this point. The first is to pay $99 per year and register with the official Apple Developer Program. The second is to save yourself $89 and purchase your 12 months of UDID activation through a developers account . This is the best way for you to LEGALLY activate your UDID. All you need to do is send us an email with your UDID number in it to – if you are not sure how to find your UDID number, look at our guide. Then send payment of $10 through PayPal . After a few hours, you will be sent confirmation that your activation has been successful and can go ahead and activate iOS 7 beta 7 for use.

Please Note that we only have 50 UDID activations and we will not oversell this number.  This is for manual activation only and will last for 12 months, which means you will be able to download iOS 8 betas next year as well.

Second Batch of UDID GiveAway : 50 Lucky Winners

udid give away

Of course, if you are feeling lucky, you could take part in our UDID giveaway. We are giving away FREE UDID’s to the first 50 people who follow these steps:

  • Like our Facebook page
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Comment on this article in the box below with your UDID number – this gives us your email address so that we can let you know if you are one of the lucky winners. Also comment “Why would you like to Install iOS 7

Note : This offer expires 27th Aug Midnight US Time . Winners will be chosen based on their answers

Why Not Wait For the Official iOS 7 Release ?

Why wait when you don’t need to? As we all know, iOS 7 has undergone a total redesign. And, when we say total, we mean it. Gone is the skeuomorphic design, replaced with a much flatter look. All of the icons have been redesigned. The native apps have been upgraded to make them more intuitive and easier to use. New features have been added in, some of which will only ever have been seen by those who have jailbroken their devices in the past.

Image : iOS 7 app icons flat design.


iTunes Radio has arrived, and so much more, you will seriously wonder why it has taken Apple so long to make their firmware this good. Check out our guide to the Features of iOS 7 and download it today. iOS 7 is due for public release in September/October.




  1. My wife and I are running a contest to see who can get ios7 on our phones first!
    We aren’t allowed to pay for a UDID slots or join the dev team. The loser has to pay for a UDID slot next year!
    And I’m dying to try the new iTunes radio as we AirPlay a lot of our content on Apple TV and AirPlay speakers!
    Help me out! I’ve gotta win this thing!

    1. ciao mike allora avere ios 7 e facile e senza pagare e ne aspettare concorsi da vincere,per chi volesse installare ios 7 beta mi contatti su facebook saro contento di darvi il mio aiuto senza pagare,ciao questo e il mio facebook

      1. Ahhh, this is a sweet update!
        Thanks so much I’m really happy with it.
        My wife however …….not so much!
        The only thing I’d like to see added is an Airplay button in the iTunes Radio screen.
        It’s a little klunky trying to find it. The control center doesn’t swipe up in iTunes Radio. But overal I’m really liking this ios7. Thanks again.

      2. Ok! Control center does swipe up in iTunes Radio! I had to take my phone out of its case to get my finger down low enough to get it moving.
        Working great!

  2. 1aa9959258a2d8c1cd3187eabe7f311c3782b59a
    my mom and i aren’t very financially rich i cannot even think of asking her for any money to become registered. my ipad mini is like the only thing that i have to have fun and pass the hours while inside beside a very old desktop computer that i am using now. And while i can wait for ios 7 i want to sell my ipad mini as fast as possible just incase ios 7 isnt that good so i could use the money to buy something we need.i dont really have the time to wait till ios 7 releases publicly because that could be closer to the release of the ipad mini 2 making the price of my ipad mini decrease. i have entered in another contest on jail break modo but i have very little hope that i will win that one i am hopping i will have better luck with this one. thank you guys for this generous opportunity.

    1. I want iOS 7 because it is yet to be the biggest upgrade to iOS since iPhone came out and have to see how good it is. The new iOS has to be so good to keep people from turning to other kinds of iOS. This update is the start of how apple will keep competitors at bay by having a great system in a great product

  3. 5c88bfae21fd488b1dfda3c1bf9744368f0b09ba Facebook and twitter as @dimuravchick
    I want iOS 7 beta because I haven’t tried iOS 7 yet. I think that it’s cool, but there are many guys saying that this os is shit, so I just want to check it out myself. That’s pretty much of it. I am also subscribed on your distribution for about 2 years so I remember that your site was called “iPhone Jailbreak Updates”. Thanks. Hope I win.

  4. 1. Like your facebook page, done
    2. Follow your twitter page, done
    3. UDID : d84a0d6bd3aad96d629b3bdc3914aa2042358894

    i have been installed ios 7 on my iphone 4 but there’s activation error because my udid not registered. now i can’t use my iphone
    :( please help me ..

  5. 1. Like your facebook page, done
    2. Follow your twitter page, done
    3. UDID : b43d2af073896aa3d4af37cd6dfebbbfeca4b645

    i have been installed ios 7 on my iphone 4 but there’s activation error because my udid not registered. now i can’t use my iphone
    :( please help me ..

  6. Even after paying 10$, sent you e-mail with UDID: but still waiting activation
    UDID # d0822fa3ddb8cd6c93514a082bb90aef3a7d57b0

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